About Pangea Case

While living in London, we noticed the excessive amounts of rubbish that ends up on the streets. In a usual weekly shopping, people dispose large amounts of plastics packaging and bags. This is a huge problem contributing to global warming and unfortunately, most of today’s waste is not separated into recyclable and general waste. We have noticed that other companies provide useful measures to reduce such waste by using paper packaging as well as recycled materials. To contribute to this good cause, we would like to introduce 100% biodegradable phone cases. Our products are plastic free and disappear in compost within 2 years whilst safely benefiting the environment.

iphone 11 natur
Eco friendly phone case

Our Journey

At the end of 2020, the idea came to life. Since then we are working continuously hard to improve our website, offer products, and help people to find good quality biodegradable and Zero-Waste products. In our blog section, you can read (soon) more about what we do, what are our plans, and hope we can also help you with some quality information.

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