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  • yellow phone case
  • transparent phone case with blue frame
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  • Black phone case
  • white phone case
  • Black case with pop
  • transparent case with blue frame
  • Tranparent phone case Blue frame
  • transparent phone case with black frame
  • Transparent case with black frame
  • Black phone case
  • Black book phone case


Compostable iPhone cases from Pangea Case available. Choose your colour and we will ship it to you ASAP. Free shipping available in the UK.

Price may vary, but you will get the same quality.  Our aim is to bring you the best cases.

We offer you, two different case models, at the moment: bumper and plain style. The Bumper cases meant to protect your phone even better. Reducing the hit magnitude when it drops to the floor. Our Plain cases still protect your phone. This style is more popular.

All our products shipping from our warehouse and we aim to deliver them to you in less than 5 working days. Normally it takes 3 days to get them to your door, but our shipping partners can be busy too, sorry for that in advance. We are working hard to bring you a better experience when you shop with us.

Our compostable iPhone cases are really worth a try. As we moving forward you will find more and more companies will try to be more environmentally friendly with their products. We predict that in a couple of years fewer and fewer plastic phone cases will be produced which is very good for the Earth.

We really would love to see a world without all the unnecessary plastic waste. Clean streets and parks.

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