We have been quiet recently… I know

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We have been a bit quiet recently on social media, I know. You haven’t seen any interesting posts from us, and you might even miss us. The good thing is, we are still here!

At Christmas, we ate a lot, had fun with the family and recharged our batteries to be here for you! It was fun.

What did we do?

Well, I had a nice holiday in Spain, been relaxing and I also visited a pretty cool winery. At the end of the tour we had wine tasting, and we could try a few different wines with some shortbread. It was really nice, and if you want to know, it was such a long time when I had alcohol, so it went straight into my head. Ughh…

How about Pangea Case?

Yes, good question ladies and gentlemen. Pangea Case will be still here in 2023 and we will provide you with all the nicest phone cases you could get your hands on.

If you haven’t noticed yet, we created a new product in the last few months, which is a biodegradable eco-sponge. You can see and buy the product here. It has a coconut harder scourer part, and a softer part so all cleaning tasks can be performed 100% with it!

We hope you didn’t forget us

Please please please, don’t forget us! We are looking for your positive (or even negative) feedback, support, likes, and emails.

Recommend our products to your friends and family so we can grow, and be here for the next 5 years too. We wish to be here and to work hard for you guys.

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